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Taoism & Tai Chi Practice

China's oldest system of philosophy and spiritual practice is "Taoism". Taoist observed that we are part of nature; we are born of the energies of the Earth and Stars. Yet, for some reason, we forget our place in nature and so we need to re-learn how to reclaim our rightful heritage as children of nature.
The way of nature is called the "Tao". The way of realizing our highest potential, living in harmony with the patterns and energy of nature, is also called the "Tao". To Taoist, the journey and the goal are one. Life is lived as a process, as a dance, a harmonious connection with all, "Heaven", "Earth" and Humanity".
Just as the universe is an integrated whole, the human body also is an integrated whole, with each part connected to and dependent on the other parts. As we become adults leading sedentary lives, we often forget to use all the parts of our bodies. By restricting our movements, we forget how to move strongly, lightly, and efficiently. 
When we forget how to live fully in our body we overly restrict the way we move, and eventually, block the flow of "Chi".
Tai Chi & Qigong practices are integral parts of Taoism, based on the highest principles of the Tao, they are expressions of the Tao through movements and personal practice for understanding and realizing the essence of the Tao.
Through daily practice of Tai Chi and Qigong, we can become like children again, without stiffness or tension. We can relearn how to move freely and naturally with the whole body connected, both structurally and energetically. In this way, we mirror our connection to the larger whole, as part of the universe.
Through Tai Chi and Qigong practice, we can strengthen and cultivate "Chi", our life force, regaining our true balance of body, mind & spirit. 

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